And… Action!

2 Aug

Hello! I’m Corinne, a journalism student by day, serial procrastinator by night. And I have a confession: I am hopelessly in love with movies.

There are so many other things that hold my interest – sci-fi and speculative fiction, pop music, the latest hollywood gossip – but none has been as enduring and long-lasting as my love for seeing amazing stories come to life on screen.

So why the movie blog?

We tell stories to keep us going. We tell the fantastic and the tragic, the horrific and the beatific. Sometimes they are the same thing. We look, time and time again, for something to believe in. Films not only bolster the need to tell these stories, but make us believe in the impossible.

I love seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. It’s a different experience, sitting in a dark theater and having that communal experience with strangers. It’s also another thing to sit alone in front of your monitor with the lights dimmed so you can cry at that particular scene without shame. Movies make us live life in frames, in brief but memorable flashes of color and light.

So in here you’ll find reviews, pic spams, quotes, news and general thoughts on the movies I’ve watched. Old, new and from any genre, I’m willing to give it a try.

This alone is worth the ticket price!

Thanks to FuckYeahDisneyMoments and TimBurtonMovieStills for the images. :)


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